Asterlab Advisors helps mid-market companies find and exploit new opportunities to help their businesses grow globally.


Our Services

Joint Ventures & Subsidiaries

Asterlab Advisors can find partners or set up subsidiaries for manufacturers and distributors looking to expand their businesses overseas. This can include overseas manufacturing, new distribution relationships, and licensing agreements.

Foreign Direct Investment

For private equity, hedge funds, and strategic buyers, Asterlab Advisors conducts operational due diligence to help determine the value of a target company. This includes evaluating processes, sales, distribution, and management.

New Markets Research

When a company makes the initial investment to expand sales overseas, Asterlab Advisors provides in-depth and culturally-relevant market research data to tailor marketing approaches effectively.


Asterlab Uses:

Asterlab has a wealth of experience evaluating companies’ processes, meaning that we can evaluate a target opportunity for benefits and costs to the client. In addition, we have worked with banks and private equity firms to evaluate target companies’ performance and value.

Asterlab Uses:
Insight & Experience

Asterlab has worked with clients across numerous industries to help companies take advantage of a variety of opportunities. We have worked with companies at all points of the business cycle to help them improve market share, create a new manufacturing line, or create a successful new company out of separate entities. We typically work with clients at the executive level to ensure that the project fits with the overall goals for the company.

Asterlab Uses:

Asterlab has a global network of lawyers, accountants, and business contacts in order to “get things done” for our clients.